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Ship your product to: 11005 Morrison St. Suite 206, North Hollywood, Ca 91601

Package your product safely so it will not be damaged during shipping. We suggest to bubble wrap your product securely in a box. 

Include a prepaid return address slip in the package sent so that we may return your product back to you. (If there is no return slip, we will not return your product to you.)

UPS is the preferred shipping method.

Allow two weeks from the time your product arrives to the completion of the photoshoot. 

You will receive jpeg images of your product shots. These will be sent to your email upon completion of service.

Please indicate which email address you would like the jpeg images of your product sent to, in the contact form. Include a contact phone number so you may be reached if needed.

Contact Form:

Please write a product description of what you are trying to communicate in your sales presentation. We are not able to write this for you.

Once your order is placed we will not be able to change the text copy you have provided for us. Please double check your own written work. Include a contact phone number so you may be reached if needed.

Please include all written copy for your graphic images for your product description.

Each graphic image needs its own text. Please indicate the different written text per graphic image.


Graphic image one:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras neque lorem.

Graphic image two: 

consequat tortor non, mattis mi. Phasellus cursus tellus at gravida pulvinar. Vestibulum augue nisl.


Upon completion of final images sent to client there are no refunds. If The Amazon Shot has received a refund request during the the shooting or editing process, the Amazon Shot will commission a 50% refund back to the client, the other 50% stays with The Amazon Shot for setup fees and time photographing and editing the product. 

No refund will occur if The Amazon Shot has completed the work that has been given, has sent the product images to the client after the work is completed, then receives a refund request after when the final versions are sent to the client, there will be no refund.


Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot owns all the rights to photographs taken by The Amazon Shot. 

The purchaser of product photography services from The Amazon Shot does not own the rights to the RAW files  (the master records of the photographs) that are taken by Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot. Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot has all exclusive ownership and rights to the photographs taken by Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot after one month from the purchasers date of product photography works. 

If Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot decides to sell the product photography RAW files (the master records of the photographs) Jaye Arts, LLC dba The Amazon Shot is not liable for any use of images.

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